Friday, June 1, 2012

Hamburger/Steak Seasoning - Feingold Stage 1


2TB Kosher salt (I use Redmond’s Real Sea Salt)
1 TB pepper
½ TB garlic salt
½ TB onion salt
1 tsp celery salt

Combine all ingredients and store in a small container. Right before grilling, sprinkle the seasoning over hamburgers or steaks on the top side only. I usually use about 1/8 tsp per hamburger. This is the seasoning they use at Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurants.

I stopped using the grill for health reasons. I now cook everything in a skillet on the stove. I just use about 1 TB of olive oil in a skillet to prevent the meat from sticking.

My son uses Rudi's Wheat Hamburger buns. I can only find these at Whole Foods and occasionally at Trader Joe's.

My GFCF kids eat hamburgers without buns and dip in ketchup. For pickles, I like Bubbie's bread and butter pickles from Whole Foods (pickles are stage 2). Many regular pickles have yellow dye.

We get all our meat from

Feingold Stage 1

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